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Related article: the Hurlingham, which are in force in the United Kingdom, on the Continent and in Argentina and California, the Indian and American rules. The compiler of the table has judiciously ignored the strict order of the Indian and American codes, having set out the various rules in such wise that they may appear opposite the Hurlingham rule of similar purport. The plan is an excellent one, enabling the reader to easily compare Purchase Esomeprazole the several rules in each code. The important alterations which were made a few weeks ago in the rules of the County Polo Association are not recorded in the book which appeared almost on the day upon which those changes were made. This is a pity, but we cannot look for perfection in this imperfect world. Another edition which will be cordially welcomed by all sports- men and naturalists is the third issue of Mr. Rowland Ward's " Records of Big Game." J This monument of industry and labour is now nearly twice the size of the first edition, and owes some- thing of its increased bulk to the wise inclusion of a brief descrip- tive account of each animal. Very numerous are the new re- cords of horn, antler and skin; and we welcome the addition of some more authentic weights of the tiger and lion. Infinite care in preparing these masses of figures is displayed, and the book, with its admirable plates, is more than ever entitled to rank as indispensable to the sportsman's library. t "Records of Big Game." Third Edition. Rowland Ward, Ltd. 444 [less Esomeprazole Online A Coaching Chapter. The death of the Duke of Beau- fort removes from the road one of its best-known figures, one of the most skilful coachmen, and one of the earliest patrons of revived coaching. The late Duke's recollections carried him back — he was born in 1824 — to the pre- railroad days ; but by the time he was old enough to take hold of a team the train had begun to be a formidable opponent to stage- coaches. The Duke's early les- sons were learned under the tuition of his father, the seventh holder of the title, himself a fine coachman. In the Driving Volume of the Badminton Library the Duke of Beaufort relates that old Goodman, the proprietor of the Brighton Times coaches, would not allow his father to drive, so by way of retaliation he betook him- self to the establishment of Israel Alexander, who had a large yard in the Borough, and in addition to driving one of the Brighton coaches, did a large business in horsing them. It was quickly arranged that Generic Esomeprazole a new coach should be started in opposition to the Times, and this took the form of the Wonder, which started at the same time as Goodman's seven o'clock Times, while the Quicksilver was arranged to run in the same interest against the four o'clock Times. A fortnight later the Quicksilver turned over in Brighton when driven by young John Snow, a booking- clerk in the office, and son of Snow, the coachman. This accident caused the coach to be changed in colour, and to come out under the name of the Criterion ; but the coach was Purchase Esomeprazole Online unfortunate, as only about three months later the pole broke in London, the Criterion capsized near the Ele- phant and Castle, and Sir William Cos way was killed. The late Duke of Beaufort, however, was not more than about ten years old at that time, so he had no share in the driving of the Wonder, Quicksilver or Criterion coaches; but subsequently, be himself says, the York House Bath coach, James Adlam being the professional, was the first public conveyance he ever drove, and later on he was virtually pro- prietor of the Age, put on by Clark in succession to James Adlam. In the Driving Volume of the Badminton Library is an amusing account of his taking the coach to Brighton after a protest on the part of the box- seat passenger against being driven by a young man. On the foundation of the Four- in-Hand Driving Club at the conclusion of the Crimean War, the Duke was an original mem- ber, and for some time he turned out regularly with the Club ; but it must be more than ten years since the Badminton drag has been seen at the Club meets. After the F.H.D.C. had been founded about ten years, the late Dukes fondness for stage-coaching re- vived, and he was one of the little band who started the Old Times to Brighton in 1866, while in the next year he and his colleagues doubled the coach ; but after a year or two he severed his con- nection with the road, and con- tented himself with attending the gatherings of the Driving Clubs, becoming in 1870 President of the newly formed Coaching Club. Since the Duke of Beaufort left it, the Brighton road has been in the hands of several proprietors, and this year it has recovered some of its old prestige, though for the A COACHING CHAPTER. 445 first time in its modern history the two coaches are in the hands of different proprietors, Captains Spicer and Hamilton being re- sponsible for the Nimrod, while Captain Steeds, of Dublin, runs the Comet, retaining a name long connected with the Brighton road, not only in ancient days, but in later times under Mr. Stewart Freeman, and after him under Mr. Woodland. So far as the general public are concerned, the interest in the road would appear to be dying out, the facilities for railway travel and the bicycle being doubt- less contributing causes. At any rate, during the last few years passengers have not been so very numerous, but it remains to be seen what the present season will bring forth. Both the Brighton coaches are excellently horsed, and the piebalds and skewbalds in the Nimrod and the superla- tive hunters in the Comet are worthy of all admiration. The old coaches, with the exception of the Excelsior, are on the road again, and there are one or two new undertakings, while one of the features of the season is the increase in the number of coaches which are run by private indi- viduals. The Guildford road, so long held in such capital style by Mr. Walter Shoolbred, has now, after being occupied by Mr. Harveyson for one season, and by the Messrs. Cook Order Esomeprazole Online for one